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Things Carpenters Don't Know!

Designing or renovating a kitchen is not a piece of cake; it takes all the effort, energy, and time. It does not matter how beautiful and cozy rest of your home is, kitchen is the place that will attract friends and family guests for the bright lights and tasty aromas. And at Kitzine, we can help you create your dream kitchen thats hassle-free, functional and eye pleasing.

#DidYouKnow, more materials are available in the market, other than laminates or aesthetics? Or if you don't create separate modules, you'll have to repair the entire kitchen even if you wanted to repair only a part? That is why; a well designed kitchen can add value of your home and make your cooking time more efficient and enjoyable.

Here are a few things that your carpenter won't know:

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A Modular kitchen is a term used for the layout of a modern kitchen design which consists different kinds of cabinets made of different materials. These cabinets are meant to hold kitchen accessories…


It is rightly said that a house without a kitchen is incomplete. The basic life energy a person receives is from the food cooked in a kitchen and thus it can also be called as a basic backbone of the…


Feast Your Eyes For all you food enthusiasts, the place where food is cooked is no less then a ‘temple’. What we believe at Kitzine is that Kitchen’s are representative of the heart and soul of…

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