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Red Simple L shaped Modular Kitchen Design
Red Simple L shaped Modular Kitchen Design DescriptionRed Simple L shaped Modular Kitchen Design Description

Red Simple L shaped Modular Kitchen Design for Indian Homes

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Red Simple L shaped Modular Kitchen Design for 9.5×6.5 kitchen(sq. feet) and is customisable to 7.5’x5′ kitchen(sq. feet)

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Product Description

Red Simple L shaped Modular Kitchen Design

Triggering a mood of fun and celebration, this “ Red Simple L shaped Modular Kitchen Design ” makes relationships feel special. Food. Its the live giver, the conversation starter and the reason to take a half-day trip to the other end of town. The best memories begin with good food, and good food begins in an exquisite kitchen just like this. The cozy red and white colors and timeless character conjure memories of joyful times.

Red Simple L shaped Modular Kitchen Design Features

The huge red closed cabinets on the upper wall provide large spaces for your storage requirements. Along with that the open shelves lets storing of coffee mugs, containers and other utensils. For some storing units, there are enough drawers built in and the open space on the kitchen lets you place the groceries while cooking the food.

We have provided a huge sink area for putting up your used utensils. A white touch on the end of the L design makes it a rare kitchen design. There’s also a huge kitchen wall where you can set up your kitchen hangers to place your spoons and forks. And if you have a window in the kitchen then you witness your children playing in the garden and making memories. So this “Red Simple L shaped Modular Kitchen Design” is perfect for all your daily requirements and lets you work freely and happily.

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