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Unlike Italians, Indians cook from Left of Hob. 

For the necessary Rotis to Dosai, Indians cook near the bigger burner which is generally on the right of the hob.

At Kitzine, We design off centre hobs to provide maximum clear counter on left of the Hob/Stove. We recommend a minimum of 3 feet counter for every Modular Kitchen to make it perfectly Indian.

Mind The left while getting a Modular Kitchen Done!

Counter Space Required for Indian Modular Kitchen
Counter Space Required for Indian Modular Kitchen

We don’t clean, we wash. And as Indian we wash our floors, we wash our counters. And we wash with water. So, our kitchens can’t shy away from water.

A good Modular Kitchen has to be designed for our habits not the other way round.At Kitzine we understand that and hence our kitchens are designed for Indian OCD.

We use PVC skirting to save cabinet from your fortnight floor washing.

Countertops are placed over WPC sheet to let you wash your kitchen counters.

Sink, RO, Geyser and Dish Rack cabinets are made in WPC, waterproof wood and plastic composite for a kitchen thats build to last Indian habits.

Pvc Skirting with Wpc sheet below Granite, Indian Modular Kitchens Designed For washing
Pvc Skirting and WPC sheet below Stone, Indian Modular Kitchen Designed For Indian Cleaning

Indian Women are prone to developing back and knee ache post 35. Our Modular Kitchens should hence be designed to keep the posture correct and minimise the strain of the user in the kitchen.

Be it shallower sinks or just sliding shelves. Simple cost effective solutions can be installed for a better kitchen. At Kitzine, we innovate solutions for healthier life.

We design to optimise the work area as well as guest/non user movement. A two triangle optimisation.

 A true Indian Modular Kitchen is designed to keep families healthy and safe.

Avoid Bending Too Much With An Indian Modular Kitchen
Avoid Bending Too Much With An Indian Modular Kitchen

Indians value their families the most. Small or Extended our families have strong dining cultures. North or South, Hindu or Muslim- we keep our families together over food.

A true Indian Kitchen should be made in spirit of our close families. At Kitzine we open kitchens in style to enhance  conversation keeping in mind the privacy of the users.

Don’t miss the gossip making tea anymore when our kitchens are working for you. Better family time, better life. An Indian Modular Kitchen brought up for Indian families.

Family spends time together in an Indian Modular Kitchen
Family spends time together in an Indian Modular Kitchen

From the Processor, Toaster, Grill, Sandwich Maker, Juicer, Oxy-fryer, Rice Maker and Coffee Maker. We Indians have a lot of cooking gadgets but never enough storage.

We don’t clutter our counters. We like to keep it neat.

Our Modular Kitchens make sure we keep it near and easy.

We recommend planning a specific Appliance Garage for every Indian Modular Kitchen apart from  the microwave, oven and Fridge.

Did I mention that we don’t generally use Oven and Microwave that much.

Appliance Garage with oven, mixer, Juicer and other appliances planned for Indian Modular Kitchen
Appliance Garage with Oven, Mixer, Juicer and other appliances planned for Indian Modular Kitchen

Indians value space like no-one else in the world. We are used to utilising most of our spaces to the fullest. We have mastered the art of no waste at lease in the context. An Indian Modular Kitchen can hence not be spared.

As a kitchen it needs to cater to our stocking and storage habits. Most of us stock over a month’s grocery in our kitchen. Our Kitchens hence need to use every bit of its space to provide for our storage needs.

At Kitzine, we design with the best available access solutions to use every inch of space.

We design kitchen lofts for bigger families, to store those not so frequently used utensils and crockery above the usable kitchen. A self sufficient modular kitchen for Indian Needs.

Using Dead Corners for Space, Indian Modular Kitchen
Using Dead Corners for Space, Indian Modular Kitchen

Kitchens are the most accident prone areas of a house. The only place where fire, electricity and water work in such close conjunction with most of our family times spent around. Making a kitchen safe is a priority Indians forget to put on paper. But we know you care and hence we do.

At Kitzine, we plan to make sure kitchen accidents are reduced by planning landing near appliances like fridge and oven.

We make sure sink and electric points are at safe distance always.

We even make sure that kitchens are planned for cylinders in a way that the pipe bends the least to avoid fatal accidents.  

Inbuilt Safety Feature- An Indian Need.

Did I mention we also plan for extinguishers?

Built In Fridge and Oven with Landing Planned For An Indian Modular Kitchen
Built In Fridge and Oven with Landing Planned For An Indian Modular Kitchen

Exclusive Kitchens

Kitchens Exclusively Designed at Kitzine for Indian homes

Customise your Modular Kitchen and choose if you want us to deliver only design or entire kitchen

Bold Red Island Modular Kitchen

Bold Minimalistic Island Modular Kitchen in Delhi NCR

In StockItem #7346

Bold Minimalistic Island Modular Kitchen in Ply Base, Laminate High Gloss Shutter with Scratch and Stain Free. Available for Express Delivery of 15 days in Delhi NCR.


Product Description

Bold Minimalistic Island Open Modular Kitchen in Delhi NCR for those who like to keep it simple.

Size of the Kitchen

The efficient piece utilises wall of 11′ *8*


The kitchen uses glass finish along with stain and scratch free High Gloss Laminate to give the small place a magnificent look.


This Bold Minimalistic Island Open Modular Kitchen utilises space without making it too heavy for the eyes of the onlookers. The Kitchen is planned in a way to make it efficient as well as neat for an onlooker. The appliance garage is planned near the preparation zone. The landing for prepared food and appliances is very close and easy to access. The glass accentuates to the rather minimal element kitchen.

You can get the entire kitchen delivered by Kitzine, the product is available for express delivery of 15 days. You can even buy the cad file and get your minimalistic kitchen for your place.

Please note that you consider the shape of your kitchen while making a purchase, customisation will not include layout style changes.


Additional Information


CAD Drawing, Customise, Kitchen


Black, Black Current Purple, Champagne White, Shangrila Maroon


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