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Why Buy Modular Kitchen Design?

With overwhelming variety and ambiguity around Modular Kitchens, Clarity can save your life.

Save Time

When you Buy Modular Kitchen Design, your kitchen designer brings your kitchen to life live on the chat. Change what you don’t like and keep what you do. Fast!

Save Money

When you Buy a Modular Kitchen Design, the designer helps you choose materials and finish. Know and Bargain better. Get quotes and compare.

Better Choice

Some design that you came across, may not be the best for your kitchen. How much time would your kitchen take. When you buy a Modular Kitchen Design, experts tell you what to expect when going for your modular kitchen.

Slide backgroundHow Does Buying Kitchen Design Service At Kitzine Works

How Does It Work?

Buy Modular Kitchen Design In Three Simple Steps

Get a Kitchen Designer to create visualisation of your kitchen space live wherever you want.
Tell what you don't want and see how it pans out Live! Simple

Fill the Form

Fill in your details for our designers to reach out and pay the advance.

Book Your Slot

Book the slot for one to one consultancy with our Design experts and watch live 3d designs.

Get Your Designed Delievered

Get on live chat with your Kitchen Designer on the scheduled time. See your Modular Kitchen Design made the way you want…

Check Ready to Buy Modular Kitchen Designs at Kitzine

Buy a Modular Kitchen design of your choice and we will share the fit for your home (It can't get faster!)
Slide backgroundWhy Choose Kitzine For Kitchen Design


Because You Want The Best

We want you to buy the best kitchen design.

We Know You

We know you need more counter space to prepare Rotis. We know microwave is not what you use a lot. Italian Designers are a passé. We design for Indians. Buy  Stylish Modular Kitchen Design for Indian…

We are Designers

Unlike kitchen vendors, we do not want you to buy product but solutions. We are a team of designers. We plan kitchens that help you save time, avoid accidents and keep you healthy

We are Professionals

Unlike your carpenter, we know your time is as valuable as your money. We like to give you accurate budget estimates along with time lines. So that you are never taken for a ride.

Slide backgroundWho is this kitchen design service for?

Who Is It For?

Who shall Buy Modular Kitchen Design?

We cater to individuals and corporates. For corporate tie ups, you can directly contact us for subscription,

Home Owners

Kitzine is perfect for people who are moving into new homes or are looking to redesign their kitchen that not only look beautiful but also functions flawlessly.

Contracting Comapny

For Contracting companies Kitzine provides fast, easy and affordable solutions, so you can start working on your projects immediately.

Interior Designer

If you are an interior designer or a interior design firm, our service and technology will server you best for your modular kitchen needs, whether its design or the whole kitchen, we have got you covered.

Customised Indian Style Kitchen Design

Buy Customised Indian Style Kitchen Design Service

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Looking for an un-even layout or a unique kitchen. Why not get it designed by our experienced team of kitchen designers at Kitzine. When you buy Customised Indian Style Kitchen Design at Kitzine, we create a customised kitchen solution for your Indian Home. Read More.

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Product Description

Looking for an un-even layout or a unique kitchen. Why not get it designed by our experienced team of kitchen designers at Kitzine.

What does a Customised Indian Style Kitchen Design Mean?

  • Kitchens Designed For Left, since we make rotis/dosa near the left of hob. Indian Kitchens are lefte.
  • Kitchens Designed For Water, Indians wash after every meal. So, our kitchens can’t shy off from water.
  • Kitchens designed for appliances both small and large in an accessible distance.
  • Kitchens designed ergonomically for your height and family. Because Indians are not one breed.

What do you mean by Buying Customised Indian Style Kitchen Design Service?

  • Measurement Drawing of your kitchen
  • 5 Iterations on Measurement Drawing till you reach your perfect kitchen solution.
  • Electric And Plumbing Instruction for the Drawing, So that you can prepare your site for wood work.
  • One 3d realistic photo in your favourite colour combination, to help you understand how your kitchen looks like
  • It includes 3 hour session with kitchen consultancy for kitchen brief, correction, 3d design finalization.
  • A bonus half an hour on kitchen product consultancy is provided on ask.
  • Approximate budget estimation along with all the drawings.

What Happens When I buy Customised Indian Style Kitchen Design From Kitzine?

Once you buy a customised Indian Style Kitchen Design service.

  • You will be assigned a kitchen designer, who will send a need form to be filled. We will then make a whats app group over which you can share your design ideas and size of your kitchen. Our designers will call you to start the process.
  • Once a brief is given, your designer will share planned layout for your kitchen size. Once you approve the layout.
  • Designers will work to create your customised kitchen measurement drawing. Kitchen elevations will be created and shared and discussed over a call for correction. Once you approve that.
  • We will make a 3d model, Once done, you will help us choose a colour combination. And then we will submit you a kitchen design picture customised to your taste and need.

At all stages you can request correction. In total the process takes 7 working days including corrections. The time, however, depends on your availability.


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