How to get more-Green Kitchen

How to make your kitchen “a green kitchen”?

Well, the world is going environment-friendly. There’s something about toxic free air, greenery and clean water that’s just so attractive, isn’t there? So why not make the powerhouse of home, your kitchen a “greener kitchen” too? It’s quite easy if we follow these tips:-

Save energy through appliances

Energy-friendly appliances are a double saving as it saves the environment and your wallet. If your dishwasher uses less water, it’s doubly beneficial. Again, try to go for good-quality, long-lasting products.

Energy-efficient cooking

If you’re still using a pressure cooker, then you are going for such cooking.The pressure cooker is a vital energy-saver in your kitchen. However, that’s not the only way to cut down on fuel usage. By adding more salads, raw foods, cold foods to your diet you can go for slow cooking which is a way to economise fuel usage.

Grow your food

Mint, basil, oregano are just some herbs you can grow, easily, without needing much space. Onions, garlic, and coriander are also good options for a balcony or window box. Think of the glorious satisfaction you’ll get out of eating your own produce. You can get fresh air to breathe as well.

Hope this helps!

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