Is your kitchen Vastu friendly?

It is rightly said that a house without a kitchen is incomplete. The basic life energy a person receives is from the food cooked in a kitchen and thus it can also be called as a basic backbone of the house. In earlier times, the kitchen used to be located outside the house which allowed enough ventilation and allowed the smoke to dispel easily. Now, almost every household has this cooking arena inside the house and therefore it is necessary to plan the location of it in such a way that it circulates the balance of the right energies and contributes to the well being of all members of the household.

Given below are a few tips which make a kitchen Vastu friendly in their own different way.

  • Vastu experts suggest that the ideal location for designing a kitchen should be in the South-East direction due to ancient beliefs that say that fire also prevails in this same direction. Another direction that can be considered Vastu friendly is the Northwest corner of the house.
  • The color combinations that are Vastu friendly for the kitchen are yellow, white and pink because of the calm and positive effect they generate.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that the water arrangements i.e. the kitchen sink and taps are placed in the right directions, i.e. the north or northeast. Because the element of water is the opposite of fire, it should be ensured that the water elements are placed left of the gas stove. Since we don’t want the elements of fire and water clashing with each other, keeping a refrigerator in the kitchen should be avoided.
  • Air ventilation is important in a kitchen and therefore, windows or air vents should be in the East and/or the West directions of the kitchen.
  • If there is a dining table in the kitchen, its placement should be in the North-West or West direction and it should be ensured that the meals not be taken facing the South as this can lead to stomach problems.
  • Every kitchen has boxes for storing essential commodities like grains, pulses, spices, etc and Vastu experts recommend keeping them in the South or South West direction.
  • No toilets or washrooms should be adjoining above or below the kitchen.
  •  Utensils and the kitchen should be cleaned before sleeping. Not doing so can generate negative energies which can lead to bad health.

Having a Vastu friendly kitchen brings positive energies in the house and contributes to a happy and healthy living.


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