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The Optimised Space Layout

L Shaped Modular Kitchen Designs For Indian Homes are planned keeping in mind the various types of layouts that it includes. You may have a small L shape kitchen or a broken L-shape kitchen, the problems would always be the trade off between counter-space and storages. And yes we need it all.

Our L-shaped kitchen designs for Indian Homes are planned to give you the right balance. Keeping the triangle compact when you have a bigger L-shape layout for optimised effort. Or removing appliances for small kitchens for maximised counter space which for Indian Kitchens is not just a design constraint but a necessity.

At Kitzine, we utilise the always wasted corners wisely to provide for the counter-space for daily use appliances. At the same time keep in mind the multiplicity of users when cooking and washing. The L-shaped Kitchen Designs for Indian Homes are Indian to each hinge.