Sneak Peek into Lady Gaga’s Kitchen

Feast Your Eyes

For all you food enthusiasts, the place where food is cooked is no less then a ‘temple’. What we believe at Kitzine is that Kitchen’s are representative of the heart and soul of a person. It says a lot about personal traits, likes, dislikes and even way of life. Often if you across a person who is a recluse, might just surprise you with a kitchen that is extraordinarily warm and welcome for everyone.

Similarly when we heard about Lady Gaga’s  $22 million estate overlooking Zuma Beach in Malibu, we expected it to be reflective of her personality. Atleast what we know of her personality, our mind starts to hover around her fascination for the flashy, tacky and the unconventional.

It might just be impossible to think of Lady Gaga and kitchen in the same breath. We might not be able to imagine her working away in a kitchen. But that does not leave her out from putting together one of the most beautiful kitchens we ever saw.

Believe us or not, it is one of the most beautiful piece of art you would have seen. It follows a very traditional French Provincial-style and has been designed by architect Steve Giannetti.

He describes the home as “An Equestrian Estate overlooking Zuma Beach in Malibu that was based on a collection of European farmhouses.”

Come to think of it, the kitchen has a limestone island, a Wolf range, and a terrace with ocean views. The exposed beams and pendant lights add warmth to a large kitchen. The kitchen design instills a very sombre and calm feeling. A soft color palette effortlessly weaves together the space that can be otherwise full of activity and excitement.

In terms of storage, it is any lady’s dream come true. It is full of cabinets without making it look too cluttered. The light hues make the appearance all the more spacious.

Going by the idea that a kitchen is something that reflects a person’s individuality, this certainly is a all new side. We don’t even know when Lady Gaga will get rid of these muted hues or will she stick to them for long.

Key Take Aways— Light Hues and soft palette  give a more spacious look. A well lit kitchen lightens up the mood of the home maker.

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